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This is a little command-line tool that lets you check your DOF R3 installation. It lets you view the connected output controller devices, and turn individual outputs on to make sure that the controllers and devices are connected and working properly.

DOF R3 is required. The compiled version only works with the specific DOF R3 release version it was compiled with. If you get an exception message when you run it, you probably have a different DOF version installed. In this case, you can compile it yourself to work with your current DOF version using the included source files. You'll need Microsoft Visual Studio to build it; you can get the free Community Edition of VS from VisualStudio.com.

The download contains C# source code and a Windows executable.


  • Download the ZIP file and unzip the contents to a new folder
  • Open a command prompt (CMD.EXE) window
  • CD to the new folder you created
  • Make sure that the Direct Output install folder is in your PATH. Type PATH to view the current path settings. If necessary, add the Direct Output folder by typing:

    PATH %PATH%;c:\Program Files\DirectOutput

    substituting the actual Direct Output folder location for the last bit.

View controllers

To view the controllers connected, simply run the program with no arguments. This should show all units that have "LedWiz equivalent" handling in DOF, which includes actual LedWiz units, Pinscape controllers, and PacLed units.

If you have a Pinscape controller running the latest firmware, it will show up twice, once as an emulated LedWiz, and once as a Pinscape unit. It appears twice because the new software faithfully emulates an LedWiz for the benefit of older software, but also exposes new protocol extensions that allow DOF to access more outputs with greater PWM resolution.

Test outputs

To test individual outputs, run the program with the first argument giving the unit number you wish to test, and each additional pair of arguments specifying an output number and a brightness/intensity level from 0 to 255. Outputs are numbered from 1 to the number of outputs on the unit (e.g., 1 to 32 for an LedWiz, 1 to 64 for a PacLed64, and 1 to however many outputs you have attached for a Pinscape unit).

For example, to turn output 3 to full brightness (255) and output 7 to half brightness (128) on unit 8, you'd enter this:

DirectOutputTest 8 3 255 7 128